Avatar Request

So…seems like the SRK ID avatars have since died since Ive last visited so maybe its time to commission a new avatar.

Anyone willing will have my eternal love :lovin:

As far as character spec, background…I dont really care…just not Chun or Alex. Other than that you can go nuts.

i got it

whatdya think?

Thanks mate.

so how do I give rep?

Premium only dood.

yeah. it’s cool


How do you get “premium” status?

got $3 lol, ya gotta pay for it dude.
and Good shit as usual M1x4h, btw
your avatar owns!! lol


You have to pay for it? lame.

Well Mix, at least you have my eternal love :smiley:
Thanks again that was quite quick.

haha, it’s cool man… i like makin avatars
take it easy

Jeah you too.

(this can be closed now before I start spamming :D)