Avatar Request

Hey guys I got this great idea for a premium sized av
i’d like one of these 3 sprites used

i’d like it to say somewhere in the av, whether momentarily, briefly, or the whole time- “koopa got a magic wrist”

with the third sprite i’d like just a single frame at the end where his hand is in front of his face

That is all i am concerned about. I would like to see what type of creative level anyone can bring this to.
Much thanks ahead of time

1 day bump…
anyone interested…???
parry dont be a woman…:arazz:

bump again
please please someone
and if no one wants it can yall indicate why
besides not liking emo kids


Gave it a shot:


You don’t gotta wear it.
I was just trying something new.


really hot kidzero
thanks a lot man