Avatar Request

Yeah, this is me, you already know. I need an edit on my current av. I don’t think it’s a big job whatsoever. I just want cam’ron to be replaced by pootie tang. That is all. Also, one with phil hellmuth would make my pants wet. <3 huggles for whoever can make it.

Whoa, everybody chill out with all the responses. It’s not a race to see who can make it first, but who can make it best.

it would help if you provided stock for anyone who wants to do this

The only copy I have is the one next to all of my posts. I think copy/paste would be just as fast. If your asking for one without the picture of cam in the middle, I don’t have any with that. =\

An option would be to copy/paste one of the empire arcadia av’s but change it to pink/white and exchange “arcadia” with “Dip$et” with photoshop, and then just add the picture in the middle. I’ll see if I can upload a pic of the empire arcadia. I would try it myself, but I don’t have photoshop/skills with it to even try. =\

thx for your response

pootie tang:

i prefer this one

but i found others…
http://img446.imageshack.us/img446/2193/trailer127sp.th.jpg http://img263.imageshack.us/img263/6279/trailer209hf.th.jpg

also, phil hellmuth:


a post from RoTeNdO:


that’s all the help i can offer since i dont have PS.

also, google dose wonder, my nig.

good looking out, I think that is more than enough info ^ to create an AV. If not I will still try to upload pics via imageshack to help.