Avatar Request


I decided that the one I had was too difficult…so

Alternate Ava:

I’d like an animated avatar with Vega, Guile, and Gief(alpha/cvs2 sprites) doing their victory poses. I’d like my name on this as well.

Thanks in advance for someone who tackles this.

One more shot…

EDIT: Okay…perhaps just something with this?


if this was a premium av request then it would work but for a lesser…no. the file size is just too small for your request. instead, ask to just have all 3 characters at once and possibly suggest the av maker to animate only a few frames of each character all at once. also, you would’nt really have very much room for the bg’s you’ve suggested since 'gief alone is gonna take almost 3/4 of the av.

to make another suggestion:

  • animate only Vega crushing his mask

  • 'geif doing his flex pose at the end of the actual gif’s animation

  • and try to have guile combing his hair

due to file size, ya mite have to animate only about 5-8 frames and it’ll be looped but at a very fast speed so…meh.

that’s how im looking at it…

Whatever works man. I had a feeling I was way over the top on what was possible for me right now, sorry bout that.

Edited, and limited down…

so you just want a non prem av with that sprite of vega, animated with vega’s OG bg? that should work…mind you i cant do animations

I’ll take it. Thanks a billion.