Avatar Request!

So, I was wondering if anyone would be so kind as to make me an avatar?

All I would really like is my name (sailboat) and a sean-sprite (animated or not) somewhere in the av. The rest is up to you! Have fun! Be creative… It’d be REALLY awesome if you could get a sprite of sean in his pink gi or his black and white costume… but anything will do.

thanks in advance!

If you’re willing to wait a couple days, I can try something. If you could find some Sean sprites in pink or black/white, that would be helpful.

That’d be awesome, I’ll look around to see what I can find.

Looks like you got one from SSJ. Do you still want me to do this one?

No, thanks anyway though… sorry if I wasted your time.

No worries. But next time edit your request to say that its been taken.



Cue dramatic music

Chibbah! You’re going to Evo Vegas, yes?

Hi can some please make me an avatar, i would like one with ryu and my name next to it MadArc, thanks.

sprite or regular picture? animated or still? n.n if you dont give me enough info on what you want you might not like what i make o.O

Thanks dude, I would like it animated or sprite if thats no trouble, and the costume to be the darker shade of white that Ryu has. (looks like creamy white to me). bout the animation dunno, just something cool, also can i have my name glowing, apoligies for the lack of info didnt really think of this. But i trust you’ll do something cool.

edit: the Ryu must be from 3rd strike.


So are you gonna do this one or what?

yes sorry, wasnt able to check srk for a lil while to see what he wanted n.n i will do it tonight

whats up guys id greatly appreciate any avatar to anyone who would make me… i would like and MvC2 one of storm in her victory stance, cable with his gun by his face and sentinel in his fighting stance with spiral sort of in the sky above them… if you can make it so that theres a similar color to all three with cables dark blue outfit and sentinel assist 2 look and match storm accordingly i would appreciate it beyond belief ill take jus about anything anyone can make. i trust n e thing would be great. thanx in advacne

So are you gonna do this one or what?

I think Jushiness may be busy, but Shim if you can do this or anyone else, that would be really cool.

Sure dude. I’ll try to have it ready before monday.


sorry x.x meant to do it but never got a chance… i aparagize! * stabs self with katana *

MadArcarsenal: Hope I got the colors right. Use if it you like it.