Avatar Request

Can someone please make me an avatar with my name in it and the Ibuki character from Street Fighter 3 with a shadowy theme, it would be much appreciated :wgrin:

Much thanks in advance ! :wonder:

If you need some images to work with, go to google and type “ibuki sf”, theres some good ones in there.

It would be really appreciated if someone good help me out. =)

Hey, here’s the av:


WOW, thanks alot man! :wgrin:

Lol what happened to giving me credit? It’s not a big deal, but you said you where going to then edited the post.



b3rzerk you don’t have to give me credit I jus thought it was funny that you edited the post. :rofl:

I WAS going to give you credit lol, but when I went to edit signature, and i typed in “Much thanks to Noraj for this awesome avatar!” and i clicked save, but still nothing appears in the sig… I really want to give you credit, dont take it the wrong way lol

Just tell me how… :rofl:

EDIT: lol nevermind, I guess it did work when i typed it in, I forgot to refresh the page =/.
I edited my original post because i thought it wouldn’t work or something and i had to be a premium member to have a sig… guess I was wrong =)

Good stuff lately Noraj, really like it. Think you could do me up a prem AV when you get a chance?

lol, Noraj I was checking my User CP and I saw your message: “credit your avatar maker NOW BITCH”.

:arazz: I already did.


Yeah for sure. PM me with specifics.