Avatar Request

could someone possibly make me an avatar using these pics…



thanks in advance to whoever does it.

pirate voice activated

Yee-arrr, this maiden, she be Ueto Aya, correct… dood?

you are correct dood. its Ueto Aya.

I thought so. I like her music and she was 120% cool in Azumi movies… dood!

yeah dood! azumi movies are too good.

any takers on this one?

I would, but I got 4 request that I have to finish up and my free time these days is little. If no one picks up on it by the time I’m done, I’ll hook you up… dood.

cool, thanks man.

can you make me a dudley avitar with my name the insignea is


don’t hijack threads. make your own

It’s a generic Yeah Dood 120% av! :lol:


You don’t gotta wear it if you don’t wanna. I was just bored & thought I’d help out Dood since he’s got some requests to finish up.

thats pretty nice dude.
thanks for making it!

WTF dude i didnt know it was spasific go kick rocks

Whats not “Specific” about it? the guy starts a thread asking for any Av you hijack his thread requesting one lol use your brain before you tell people to kick rocks