Avatar request

Any one of the following 3:

1)This picture with a citcy nigh kind of bacground with RiBu in neon flashing

2)For this one I can’t find the image,but it’s the Osaka rooftop from CVS2.This one I’d like if I could have 2 or 3 of these characters laughing while it rains heavy;with if its possible lighting every few seconds


3)Just an avatar with this image and RiBu with a good background:(Couldn’t find any other images,but thumbnails)



Bottom two links don’t work.

Yeah the site messes up often with any characters from U-Z all the time. Basically its Yamazaki from SNK.

Linking to that site doesn’t ever work with any letter. Host them somewhere else.

Here’s 4 different thumbnails:

The second one’s the one I want the most,but I’ll take anyone of the 3.