Avatar Request

I’m just too lazy to make my own nowadays. And plus. I can’t animate which is the real problem right now.

So on to the request.

Could someone get Akuma in his Grey Gi ( MP ) just spinning with Tatsumaki Senpuukyaku. Like, just spinning in the avatar non-stop.

If you someone could get him with the faster spin during SA3 that would fucking awsome.


Oh, and for the background whatever you think matches well with the avatar. Or just in Akumas stage.

If you wait till tomorrow I got it.

Alright. Thanks. :tup:

I edited this post alot…final.

^not bad, but for a av that usin only like 4 frames shouldnt have to be put at such low quality.

Uhm…Which one do I use…?

I’m gonna end up using both. But which one do I wear first. Don’t wanna offend one of you :p. So you choose.

I like the effect. First thing I though was he looked like he was the eye of storm…then I realized…Akuma is Hurricane Katrina!

Allow me to help in your decision the best way I can:

“I don’t give a fuck.”


I’ll wear Tat Guy’s first because he offered to make it first. In 2 weeks I’ll go Sas.

EDIT: TG, it’s over the file limit :sweat:.