Avatar request

Decided to see what the image wizards can come up with.

I’d like a versis screen avatar, preferably like the one of XSF.

On the left side

Mentok the Mindtaker


The right

The treacherous one


Animated if possible. I’ve seen someone with a GG versus screen av, wich would be nice too

Nice use of Mentok! oooWEEEOOO!

i got this but when i re-sized it for the srk size it just looked eww

I forgot about this due to 150 sec waits.

Looks sick. Too bad resizing fucks it up. I have it on my HD though.


Harvey: Your Honor, I’d like to…
Mentok: [interrupting] Yes, you can introduce it.
[Harvey looks at Mentok for a long second]
Mentok: Hello? Mind-taker!