Avatar request

Can anyone do anything with this image? I would like his head and torso in, aslo his sholders please. His arms would be a bonus, but I don’t know how it would look so only do it if you can make it look GOOD. As for a background, I don’t know. Something spacey keeping to the colour scheme. Major thanks if anyone can do this…


Sport it if you like.


negro edit: nooo! damn cell phone.

^ What’s up Shatter?

mad cuz you got to the request b4 i did

Sorry. You know I rarely do avs. :lol:

Damn you psp. . . . damn you to Oakland

Hmm, I hope you don’t mind, but I’m going to see what someone else produces first. Thanks for the speedy response though, that was overly awesome. Who knows, I might take yours, we’ll just have to wait and see.

Not a problem. I can change anything if you want to use the av. Just let me know.

hi all, i’m new to this part of the forum. i’d like to give this a swing too. i’ll post something by this weekend.

try like your account is depending on it…

…it just might be

lol @ this thread.


my attempt:



oh no my nemesis … pressure >_<

i hope it’s not followed by their cohorts procrastination and Dudley players …

I will try very hard to disappoint everyone as little a possible in my first attempt :wonder:

I call next.




Shatta got the proportions I was looking for right, so I’m going to go with his… Thanks for the efforts though guys, it’s apreciated…


Don’t worry man, your avatar is sheer genius gold and will be remembered forever…