Avatar Request!


I have never had an avatar made before so I’ll try to be as specific as possible. I want a Jill Valentine (from Marvel vs. Capcom 2) avatar. I like Capcom’s original artwork of Jill (where she clutches her chest and stands a bit to the side). I like her sprite too. So let me break it down:

(1) Capcom original art as the background
(2) Jill’s sprite in the bottom left corner simply standing still(animated please - have her simply standing in place moving her shoulders up and down)
(3) In the bottom right corner (or perhaps just on the right if there isn’t enough room) could you please write “Jill xoxox” in a cursive font as if she is signing my av?
(4) I don’t want my name on it anywhere.

Is this specific enough? Feel free to ask me any questions. I’ll be happy to answer them. Oh, and as far as shading is concerned, use your judgment. I would like the avatar to be fairly bright so sticking with blues and whites would be preferable. Of course, Jill signing her name black against the backdrop would be fine.

Thanks!:slight_smile: I don’t mean to sound so picky!

I really like the avatar GigAHertZ has. I’m not sure who made it, but it is on the 1st page of the “If you are new, click here first” thread. I love the blue backdrop w/ Jill’s pic behind it.

Anybody? If I’m asking for something a bit complex, any sort of Jill av would be awesome. Thanks!:cool:


um…ill do it…but can u giveme the pic of jill(im lazy):D:D:D

Umm…I would supply you with pics, but I don’t know the first place to look! You’re the artists, right? I did not even know what an avatar was until a few weeks ago! :lol: If you supply me with some links I’ll be glad to look for some images though.


herz the link:D