Avatar request

I was wondering if someone could make me an avatar just like the one I have but maybe make it a little different? If its possible make both of them go completely into darkness and when they do make the elfs eyes turn red and make the cats turn green. If its not possible can you just make the same one? I want an avatar for freq.com and this is the only place I can think of to ask someone to make it for me.


is this what you wanted…tell me if there’s something you want changed.:smiley:

Its nice thanks. If you dont mind though could you make the red in Drizzt’s eyes a touch smaller? And can you make it so the Drizzt Do’Urden doesnt fade with the rest?

ok ill change it give me some time…:D…but i might have to change the style of the name.

ok here’s the fixed one…hope you like it.:smiley:

make the animation loop smooth. right now, it looks abrupt.

ok thanks for the info.:cool:

ok here’s the smooth version:p …and thanks for the info orange,what happened to your other name?didn’t like it?:smiley:

the transition animation isn’t totally smooth, and the size of that av is past 20k. work on it more.

about that other name, i don’t want to use it because i’m more used to this

ok ive tried fixing it,but the thing is i cant seem to make it so its under the 20k size,(dam rules)…anyways i had to make it so that it just goes into darkness then appears back in image…hope you like it…oh and orange don’t mean to sound rude but lets see if he likes it.:smiley:

fair enough

Hey thanks man! Im just wondering why you cant keep then name the way it is in my avatar?