Avatar request....


Can someone PLEASE make me an icon of Ryu doing a shin-shoryuken on Blanka.

Add my name somewhere in there if you can too.

Please if someone can fullfill this request it will be greatly appreciated…


hey man ill do it,give me some time.:smiley:


ok here it is…hope you like it,let me know if there’s something you want changed.:cool:


here man i made another one,differen’t backround…choose.:smiley:


pick up for masterD^:cool:


Tonbarry, if you can, could you do me an avatar with cable appearing in the screen, the image when the fight is going to start and he finishes falling in the floor…

If you can, thank you very much in advance

Your friend
–guero geisha


sure man ill do it…but what exactly do you mean,falling cable and so on…please be more spicfic.:cool:


OH SNAP, ThANKS, tonbary!!!

Thanks a lot dude your the best! :cool: :cool: :cool:


hey man no problem anytime.:cool: