Avatar Request

Could someone make me a Jessica Alba av? Put the text “Saz” and “a.W.a” and add animation if you want…Thx

If you need pics let me know

hey man i could do it for you,is there a pic of her that you want,…if there is please post it.if not let me know…whats wrong with the av you have on now its sweet.:cool:

damn. ton got here b4 me :stuck_out_tongue:

tonbarry: Well I’ve had this av for awhile so I want something new…There aren’t any particular pics I want so use any good pics you can find…Thx again…

ok ill see what i can find for you…jessica alba right?give me some time.:cool:

ok here is the first one…:cool:

second one…:smiley: …hope you like them,im not much of a girl av guy,but i tried.let me know if there’s anything you want changed.:cool:

Aight cool I’ll et you know if I want anything changed…


ok man here’s the one you wanted with the pic that you sent me…like i said before im not much of a girl av guy.:cool:

Aight I like it…thx :cool:

ok im glad you do.:cool: