Avatar Request

Ken Masters avatar http://sdb.drshnaps.com/sheets/Misc/Misc/NamcoXCapcom/KenMasters.png

The picture on the bottom right corner right above the Hadoken pic I want in the avatar. For some reason the sprite page is in some sort of quicktime form so if its impossible to get the pic, id be happy to find somthing else.

im not to sure where to get the Ken ST backround but id really like that to be in there. Any additional effects would be cool ( I dont have and creative juices flowing atm) as long as it assists the avatar requested obviously.

Thanx in advanced

Not what you asked for but its ANIMATED! Look it! He’s…bouncing! UPPERCUT! It sounds better in japanese…

lol @ Ken w/ Hydrolic assist.


hah, id def use that but I keep egtting errors everytime I try to put it on. Any suggestions?

Don’t use the online upload. Save the file to your computer and upload it that way.

Very nice thanx fjf

Thanx for the avatar Sasmasta. Thats pretty funny how I think its kick ass even though you didnt make the one I wanted. Gracias:wgrin:

I can’t look at that avatar and not laugh.


btw, Sas. Sending a PM about contest.