Avatar Request

So I’ve been floating around with this horribly made avatar for a while, and I need something new. The only thing I particularly want is to involve the D’Arby sprite from Jojo’s, other than that, if anyone wants to do this, they can have fun with it.

Sprite in question

Doesn’t have to be animated or anything, and thanks in advance!

I like your av. :sad:

And your s/n…iunno why but it makes me :rofl: helluh.


I would like it if it weren’t for the backround. Either way, its been at least like 6 months since I changed it.

Quick Plant!

Edit: Your name has a ! in it. My mistake…

The black BG is plain as hell but it over did file size with my previous attempt. Use it or tell me what you want different or just wait for another. It’s all good…:tup:

Wow, its really simple but really slick looking. I’ll take it, thanks.

Simple is my specialty…:tup:

Lol. Nice AV, Sas.


LoL. Thanks SH. And glad you decided to sport it Murphagator. Just please when you request a new one don’t put [I’ve been rollin’ around with this horribly made avatar for a while now…]. That’ll make me :sad:. LoL. And…my signature :tup:! Later.

You’ve never made me an av, Sas. :stuck_out_tongue:

My sig doesn’t lie. :rofl:

I kid…I kid.

I still have that dudley one.

shit is dope.


Lol, I’d never say that shit about an av someone else made, I had slapped that one together myself on a whim. If I could rep you I would.

I’d rep you for wearing it, but I already did in the MSPAINT thread for you guessing my drawing. Nice work.

Wait for it…

Wait for it…


There it is!

And thanks SH. That was one of my ‘simple’ ones yet again…

Wait for it…

Wait for it…


WHAT THE?! LoLz. Jay kay.

why isnt he sayin’, “homo”?