Avatar Request


As much as I love my mighty, homemade Jack Bauer avatar, I feel it’s time I jumped on the Naruto bandwagon.

Someone wanna make me one with Naruto himself? Basically a close-up of his face/head, where you can see his red “fox-pupiled” eyes, and baring his teeth, and whatever. Just any viscious looking close-up of Naruto works.

Toss in some sort of animation or flashy-ness, perhaps that red swirling chakra around him! Yeah, that’d be sweet.

Last but not least, stick the letters “CT” in a corner or something. Unless it looks tacky with it. Your call!

Thanks a ton in advance.

EDIT: I don’t really mind who does it, but I just noticed some of Psycho Squall’s work in the Naruto thread. So if PS could that’d be cool too. :slight_smile:


I shall be the one to convert you to the Naruto-side.


Awesome, thanks. I just noticed Donald Duck already has an AV similar to what i was looking for :frowning: If you can still make this unique, go for it.

Another possibility would be an AV of Orochimaru, with his tongue flicking around or something. Unless of course you’ve already started working on this one.




Great! Thanks!