Avatar request

can somebody fix up this image for me

remove the white from the top and bottom. and resize it to 160x64. i dont know how to do that with .gif images i tried and got a still image.

please and thanks. go ahead and put your name somewhere at the bottom so people know you made it. :lovin:

EDIT: also can i get one in the max size of a premium account av size.

Didn’t Rsigley have that as his av for a long time?

i dont know i saw it on google and was like DAMN that shit is funny. if somebody has it now i dont want it but if it was a long time ago i will still take it =)

here’s a premium version:

I’m pretty sure I’ve seen this one done before here on SRK

Lol I think shatta had that av sometime back

Heh I love that av.

Shatta and Rsigley both had it I believe.