Avatar Request

yeah i was wondering if i could get an avatar with storm/sentinel/capcom.
but could it be like a flash sequence: starting with saying “The Batch.” then storm. Then “Beastinel.” and then pic of sentinel. Lastly a flash saying “The Captain” then a pic of capcom. And can you make it look ill and fresh. Add some creativty if you’d like
thx in advance to whoever takes upon this request.

I’ll make it.:cool:


whoa, that is really really dope…
i just have one problem, it won’t let me put it in. =[

vBulletin Message
The uploaded file is not a valid GIF or JPG file. Please ensure that it is and try again.

that’s what it tells me. THX a lot for the av it’s really gully

Picolo. well it seems that it’s too big. let me see if I can fix it.
I’ll be back later.:wink:

np, take your time im in no rush.

well it’s done.
I had to change the bg to make it small enough.:bluu:
if you don’t like it that’s fine. tell me what you think?:cool:

when did ya start making AVs? Its pretty dope.

i liked the first one with the words then pics, but this one is still dope as fack.
edit: i tried putting av, same problem.

Picolo. check your pm.

I8-. I’ve been making avs ever since I signed up here. I’m still learning but I get better all the time.
if you ever want a av just ask and I’ll make you one.:cool:

There should be no reason that first fils is so big… its not that complicated… optimise the file and that should help…

for example, this is one req i did ages back and it prob had more frames than yours and it still fit

http://members.cox.net/cham13/Set 2/JustDefend 2.gif

CHAM CHAM. I optimised the file but it didn’t help at all.:bluu:

I’ll look into it when i get in…

this alone was just over 55kb and it was a hell of alot of frames on it.

http://members.cox.net/cham13/Set 1/Sho Mario 2.gif

hummm lets see here… anyways the valid gif./jpg. isnt the avatar… its the person’s computer trying to load up the avatar… their was a thread about this… but i cant remember much… anyways its something about cookie and crap… it happens alot with my avatar requesters… i usally uploaded the avatar for them…

the prob was that it was 50kb… way too big…

but just cause i own j00… i fixed it…

i had to optomise, (no it wasn’t optomised before), and crop it just a tad but it fits…

thanks for your help cham.:cool:
so it wasn’t optomised before. I wonder what I did then.:confused:

big thx to blue phoneix and cham cham for fixing the problem: you guys are ill.