Avatar Request

My photoshop has bit the big one, plus I don’t really know how to use the new gif editor (fireworks) anyways… SO I was wondering if someone could get me an avatar of this picture

http://twitchdesigns.com/sfiv/el_fuerte.jpg without the grey border, and with FMR down the right hand corner. I would like a starting frame in black with white text to say something like the “The start of death is shining for you!” and then switch to this picture http://twitchdesigns.com/sfiv/el_fuerte.jpg and then have the white star thing on his finger sort of glow. FMR should be in a nice blocky text with white letters and a black outline. Thanks!

i’m working on one right now. i’m just having a little trouble making it look like the way i want it to look (and keeping it in the size limit).

i’ll try to have it done by tomorrow night.

so many requests in IMM…

It’s heaven! :amazed:

hopefully this works:

Streak You are GODLY! I just saw this! Perfect way to get it all to fit.

straek is too strong…

glad you like it. :tup:

but, i’m looking at your av now, and it’s slightly different from what i remember it to be. i didn’t think there was all that red there.

.[ninja edit].

epidemic: thanks, sir. :china:

:wow: SON OF A…

:tup: Awesome job str[e]ak… dood!

a rep bomb is coming…

dood and shatta: your words are too kind. :china: