Avatar Request

Could someone hook me up with a Hibana (Kunoichi/Nightshade) avatar?

Here is the pic:


Would also like my username somewhere on there. If you’re good with Japanese characters, hook up the avatar with some, if not, no biggie.

Edit: Fixed link

i’ll try…

i’m noob though… but i’ll still try…

my weak attempt

hmm not bad,you should have left the symbol on loger tho…and work with the bg more,but its ok.


how’s this

Coo hadoken king. :cool:

Yo gen, its been a while. I gave it a shot:

i like that… i’m gunna do a non animated one too… just for the hell of it…

gen is gunna have a ton of av’s… lol

Wow, those look good. I like them both (the last one from you hadoken king).

I’ll switch them on and off, starting with hadoken king’s since he was the first to answer request, then I’ll use yours afterwards HolyKnight (yes it has been a while, heh).

Thanks from both of you.

OMG!!!, you like it? cool…