Avatar Request


yeah, all my av’s have been played out so i was thinking if i could get and Av with the eye of a tiger…
that would be i’ll, and it would be dope is it blinked or did sumthing crazy likfe reflect light on it or make is go neon black white or sumthing that looks crazy.
thx in advance.


hey potter, make that request in alphadragon’s or infintedragon’s request thread, it will be dope.


I really dont get this request…


Hummmm i thought the blinking effect was easy… but i guess im wrong cuz i cant do it right…


sorry about not replying, but i was away fora while…
the first one is really tight. The 2nd one is dope, but like you said basic, i’ll rock the first one fa sho.

my bad. Thx tho.

I’m having a problem attaching the av says this: The file that you have tried to attach is too big. The maximum size is 20480 bytes.


:sweat:… yeah sorry i forgot to check the size when i made it…


thx man.


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damn it stop spamming my damn pm box…:mad: or ill burn you like in the story of you name…