Avatar Request

I need a avatar. Anyone wanna give a try. Anything with Ryu and Yang together is cool. Thanks in advance.

you made me a wallpaper a long time ago (when you still had that thread going), so i think i should somewhat return the favor.

any specific colors you want to use for ryu and yang? i’m going to assume you want 3S sprites.

Ryu in dark outfit. I think it’s the fierce button. And Yang in blue. My name on it would be nice. See what you can come up with if you can make it a animated gif. Thanks

is this the color for ryu that you want?


and, is this the color for yang?


if not, check the rest of the colors here.

Actually, the creme color Ryu (roundhouse) and Yang’s outfit is good. Thanks. I really like your avatar by the way.

:u: thanks. vegett0 made it.

Thanks. I like it.