Avatar Request!


A Complicated Avatar Request!

Can someone plz take a shot @ making this avatar for me?
its an avatar from the P.I.M.P. vid . i’ve made screenshot of the beginning part of the avatar, could u edit my name onto that screenshot then could u make it flash/go to dooms ending taunt sitting in the chair with his butler pouring him some courvasier, but instead of his boys surrounding him, could u put marvel or capcom females wavedashing to those positions like storm, rogue, psylocke, cammy, morrigan any of them really, but instead of doom in the chair could u just white doom out and leave like a shiny silouette of him or a completely white or black version of him, to represent any character is pimp. thanx in advance


here is the screenshot.


heh… the only way your getting this out is place this under a request thread or ask ViciousSLASH… but i dont think he’s taking requests…


first off, become a premium member. next, use the enter key a couple of times. o_O

It’s too much stuff under 19k. I could do it…but 19k…? nope.


well hes a premium member now… so bleh…:stuck_out_tongue:

but if your not going to take it, its okay then i will…

just post up the pic luke…