Avatar request???????

Hi can someone make me an avatar so i can use on msn messenger…i guess you can be more creative cause im pretty sure that their is no file size restriction…

I would like it to say Supas4gsz…

this av is for my medal of honor clan and i guess something within that category would be nice for the backround and borders…


i need a new avatar

Hey i wsd wondering if someone could make me an avatar that has a pissed off looking Blanka w/ the red color scheme from cvs2 also put fire in the backround b/c the one i have isnt quite the right one that i wanted. Thanx:evil:

i need a new avatar

  1. why don’t u make a new thread

  2. why dind’t u tell me u didn’t like it when i gave it to u

so can anyone make me an avatar that says Supas4gsz

for colors and stuff it really doesnt matter and size isnt a factor so have fun with it…u can put ryu from 3rd strike in it to…thx

if u want a MOH one, i can do that, or a ryu one i can do that as well… if u want both… w/e… just be more specific, and give me dimensions… i don’t want to make it too big / small for your tastes

but i’ll take teh request

If u can make the moh one then that will be cool. size doesnt really matter cause msn resizes it for u. i teseted a 800x600 wallpaper and put it on msn and it came out fine. it resized it to fit the window they allow u to put a picture in. so i guess u can make it medium size. and file size also is not a problem.

i really dont know what pics to put on it. so i guess that u can choose whatever looks best. dealing with moh of course. and have it say Supas4gsz in some nice lettering…thx

TFW2K3 - u can’t request an av in some1 else’ request thread… make a new one, or put a post in a request takers thread

FIREMONKEY - the thing is, how big is the size that they resize it to? that’s what i need to make it, cuz if it make it small, or narrow, it will be dis proportioned, and if i oversize it, it will look stupid, cuz it will be pixellated to hell

If i remember correctly, the MSN sizing is 100x100

as for TFW2k3… he working on getting banned… he posted 3 times, that i saw, in different forums asking the exact same thing…someone didn’t read the rules…

how’s this

…sorry I did’nt know, it just said av request so… I’ll make my request in the right place then

thats cool thx