Avatar Request

can someone make me a cool avatar of mew from pokemon. thanks:)

i’ll try… i have a cool ass pic of him that’s just sitting there :slight_smile:

it just might have to be a bit pink, or i might try purple… or both :slight_smile:

anyways… this is the pic of mew i have…

ok cool, whatever you think will look best

round 1:

second one

thanx alot man nice job on both. i like the first one the best, but yeah good work

np… second one i rushed out a bit… took me 15 minutes to do it… bleh… shoulda taken more time with it… i can redo it nicer if u want

i think its pretty good as it is, but its up to you. the artist also be please with his work. but i think its fine

dude, i always look down on myself… i never think i do anything good… i said i suck in marvel, and the first time i had comp, i almost beat sanford. i said i sucked in vampire savior and that my friend could probably kick my ass… and i did the exact thing ot him. i said i suck at the piano, but my piano teacher keeps praising me. according to me, i’m useless. so yeh, i’ll try to have anohter one out later