Avatar Request


If anyone is up to helping me out, I’d really like to have an avatar of the Outlaw Team from KOF 2003 (Yamazaki, Gato, and Billy Kane).

Thank in advance!

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i’ll take my hand @ it…





<-- although i do like the animated one more, it’s a design i’ve already done…


as you can see, and i think he’s still using that one.


hey hadoken king can u make me an avatar for cvs2 i want one with iori,gueese,and yamasaky c groove can u make me one plz!!!


don’t post in this thread. this is somebody else’s request thread. i’m not taking up personal requests right now. only public ones. either ask some1 that’s taking personal requests, like tonbarry, or infinidragon or make a public thread and i’ll think about making it


Thank you so much, hKing!

I appreciate that!