Avatar Request


a ken avatar please

be as creative as you want to be (or not) as long as it says “parry this!” in there :slight_smile:

p.s. if possible can it be animated with this gif? thanks



if you want, i can do it, but i can’t use a sprite. the sprite av’s i make of third strike look like shit, because of the way that the sprites are. i have no good quality ones yet


see what i mean?


surely, i can do that :slight_smile:


just edited the first post :slight_smile:

thanks for the previous avatar btw ^^ i just got into third stirke that’s why i want an avatar change


yeap, i can do that… np :slight_smile:




how’s this


if you want me to put more into it, tell me…

i got another 10kb’s i can work with


that was fast :smiley:

change the font maybe? i don’t really like hirosh (i think that’s what it’s called) but if not then this one’s cool :slight_smile: i like the background






thanks!! :slight_smile: