Avatar Request


I was wondering if someone out there could make me an Avatar of Ken. If anything find a still image of him doing his Shinryuken, and then make it glow from fire red to crimson purple like iori’s flame :stuck_out_tongue: thats if you know how to animate images and whatnot. if anything else just find any random pics to your liking :stuck_out_tongue: And put no text on the image, I like Art without text.

The only site I know of that has shit loads of images on Ken and other 2D/3D Fighters is www.fightersgeneration.com but that site also takes a while to load


here man! hope you like it, I couldn’t find an actual game sprite of ken doing his shinryuken so I just used a pic from that site you mentioned.


Hey, Thanks alot Unstoppable, I never thought someone would make it cause I myself could never find better images. Your the best :stuck_out_tongue:


No problem, I was wondering where gamegen went, thx :slight_smile:


it’s now