Avatar request


Can some one send me a Chun li avatar please. Dressed in white or black preferably with a lighting back round if it can be done thanks


I got it



could some one make me one plz i have three pics here that i would like to be used but it is cool if u don’t but ryu ken or sagat prefarably


ryu one

this is the ryu one


sagat one

this is the sagat one (duh danny (thats me by the way))



There ya go bro.

danyhys, Sure i’ll take a stab at it. Now fitting ALL those pictures in one avatar is going to reduce some quality of the pictures. Do you want me just to use Sprites instead?

Yeah, I tried to place all of them in one picture it wont work out too well :frowning: I’ll do what i can with sprites.


sorry to be a bum

sorry if u don’t want to but could u make a avatar pic of that sagat pic and then just make on with all them in with sprites. You don’t need to if u don’t want to


here ya go man



thanks mate

thanks alot that is amzin thanks