Avatar Request

Time for a new one.
Tiger Genocide made me this one a while back, and although it’s damn good, i’ve had it for years, so i need a new one.

I’d like ken’s hair brushing winning pose from 3S and Iori’s winning pose when he points at the sky. And a light blue sky w/ a lindsay lohan pic if you can find it.

fuck, if you’re bored and want to make me one with iori, ken and whatever, feel free to.

thanks in advance

Gimme some links to those images you want used. Or if you like I could just come up with something on my own.

I got nothing right now, 3S sprites are hard to find, but i’ll look at FG or something.

But yeah, if you want to come up with something, i’ll gladly take it.

not any more;)

I’ll come up with something… should be done tomorrow…

I was feeling the fireball pose, so this is what I came up with. If you don’t like it, that’s fine.


It’s awesome.
Looks like it’s too big, though.

It’s the right size, 160 x 64… Why does it look all grainy when you wear it though? Did you do something to it?

There’s a 20k limit for avs for non premiums. Premiums can have 40k, your file is 32k. Thats what he means by too big.

Resave it as a gif, since its a jpg its saving it larger than it should be because it doesn’t have millions of colors like a photograph. That will get rid of the graininess.

changing it to gif is what made it grainy.

i don’t know what to do know:(


this should work

thanks a lot guys.