avatar request

can plssss some one make me an avatar of ken,yun and yang (as a team)?.. .then put a text"calvin"… .and plsss with animation if you plsssss… .

and could it have a white/blue color scheme?


i’m bored… i’ll do it

here. i made two


idk, use whatever… i was too tired to put 100% into it, but if nobody else takes the offer, then you still have these you can work with
only cuz the red one… i lost my imagination, and the blue one… my sprite edit sucked…

however, if you can manage to get me a sprite of ken in his white uniform, and yun in a white / blue uniform, i’ll make you a top tier avatar


hey men thaks 4 d avatar

anyway ill try to find one… then ill post it here…

thanks again…

one more thing did u find the answer to your auto roll reset problem…?(magz)