Avatar Request.

Could someone please make me and avatar with this pic? Just put my s/n in there somewhere and do what you want with it. Thanks.

On second thought, could you use this picture of Joe instead? Thanks to anyone who takes this request.

up to you if you wanna use

Thanks man, looks great.

Could you change the “e” to an “a”?

oh crap, I didn’t notice that it was an “a”, I’ll try changing it tomorrow, I don’t have the program at home and I just came back from school.

Ok dude, thanks.

Can’t wait for the avatar, Joe pwns.

yeah sorry, I ended up just resting at home, it’ll be done tomorrow for sure…

here, my host isn’t working right now. so I’ll just wear it till you save it on your computer… lemme know when your done and I’ll take it off.

lol you could just upload it haha funny guy…

that works?