Avatar Request

As much as I’m diggin’ the FRXIII avatar provided by str[e]ak (thanks again by the way) I’ve had an idea for a new avatar based on some recent images that have surfaced on the cosplay thread.

Being a self proclaimed doctor I feel a nurse themed avatar is in order using either one of these two images. Creator’s choice.



Maybe if the creator could it fade between each girl’s face followed by the group image displaying my username? It would be greatly appreciated.

Also, non prem size.

non prem limitations:

go buy prem!

hope it works out for you.

Looks great man! But the one with non prem limitations is apparently .3kb too big and won’t let me upload it though. :sad:

Yeah, I really should buy prem sometime soon.

ill try to get you the right file size tomorrow. just fyi, the more i compress, its not gonna look so good.

you can give it a shot.:xeye:

I gave it a try, but its all in lavender.
If I added the full image colors, the image would be too big for you to upload as an avatar.

Like blooper mentioned earlier, prem is always a good choice.


Thanks a lot to both of you guys! I’m going to sport aberz’s for the time being, until I can get a prem account. Thanks again to both aberz and blooper. :tup:

nice one aberz!

Thanks Blooper :lovin: