Avatar Request

Since my current avatar isn’t much (I made it myself and I’m not really good at these things).

I would like to ask someone to make one for me; feat.
M.Bison (Cvs2) with one of his winning poses and with the shadaloo sign (skull with wings) as a background and if possible with Juni & Juli saluting at the left & right sides.
With my name somewhere in the avatar.

Thanks in advance. :rolleyes:

BTW if u need one of those sprites i can provide.

give me the sprites and i’ll do it.

Here you go, thanks in advance.
Here’s Bison.

I have 2 options for Juni & Juli. Choose whatever suits you best.

And the following 2 posts contain the singles for Juni & Juli

Here the last… once again thanks ahead :rolleyes:

if you want anything changed please let me know.

Thanx man! :clap:
I actually like the dark costume of Bison.
Once again thanks a lot :tup: