Avatar Request


I’m in need of an Arc av for 2 forums I frequent: SRK and MeltyBread.



  1. Original pic (from the neck up) on the left side, name on the bottom right (SilentShinobi)
  2. 2 little icons on the top right: a full moon and a half moon (the 2 styles i play)
  3. Don’t care for the background, go crazy with it.
  4. Optional: If you can get a negative shadow of the picture behind Arc, that’d be nice. It’s just optional to make you work harder lol jk.

Thanks in advance, wish I had dat rep to give out.


Here’s an attempt. http://img268.imageshack.us/img268/5233/silentshinobi.gif :china:


Good av, just a suggestion.
Could you drop the stars and moons? I could barely see the negative with all those blinking lights. The moon idea was kinda bad now that I look at it. Instead, you can just type up a smaller subtitle above my name: The Black You.

Thank you again. I’ll rock it.


Redone! And you’re welcome.



Bitchin! Thanks dude.


heres my attempt :sweat:

Oh chet sorry i didnt see u already got it.


:rofl: someone deleted your attempt :sweat: shucks

Edit: I like it! :tup:


Sorry to ask but somebody can make me a good gambit avatar with my name on it be creative thanks :blush:


Ninja Appear! http://img3.imageshack.us/img3/2402/xgambitav.gif


I appreciate you doing it monkeyspank, it looks nice.


Thanks for the av savaii64


Dam it, I miss having The Big Request Thread :sad:


I came after that thread and somehow I still miss it. You should start one aberz.


Are you willing to help? :wgrin:


I am uber willing to help brah.


I’d be willing to help too, if I’m up to your guys standards… :wonder:


You’re awesome Okuma. The more the merrier I’d say. :wgrin:


Ok, I will start a thread tomorrow.
Both of you send me 3 of your images that you want to show as an example :tup:
Also, include if your able to make animated avatars please.

New Request thread, here we come :lovin:


well, now that i’ve seen someone on here that wants to do it again, i guess i can’t say no.

i’m going to be busy as hell this week, but let’s just say that i’m aiming for this week.

ninja [e]dit:

or aberz? can do it. :lol:


Another request thread sounds great, gl you three, you too Okuma :tup: