avatar request

im a big fan of tmnt and i would like if someone would make me an avatar
just use you imagination just have Morres in the bottom right corner thanks so much :china:

Like this?


Hey nice job savaii, where did you get that pic from? and is there a high res version of it?

thats my shot :bgrin:

cool lightning effects :lovin:.

higher-res version of stock pic: http://images2.fanpop.com/images/photos/4900000/TMNT-Comics-tmnt-4907441-1024-768.jpg :tup: good job blooper :tup:


Ah thanks man, that looks tight.

hey thanks guys for all your help

Heres mine.


Straight BEAST!

cool love the colors aberz hahaha

:u: Good shot aberz! :tup:

Thanks bro :]