Avatar Request


Since I’ve been pretty much lurking the forums for the past couple of months and since the school semester started, I’m not gonna be doing nothing but studying and spending time on teh webz.:wasted:

So I would like to request an avatar for I can post in style:lovin:


  1. Personally I would like all the lettering removed, except maybe for the capcom logo (your choice really) because I think it looks pretty cool in the bottom right corner. As for the background…I guess I’m going to have to say to get creative and make something flashy or holographic that matches her outfit, this is going to be my first avatar so I’m gonna “try” not to be too picky.

  2. As for size, I would say as big as long it doesn’t pass srk’s limit.

  3. Thanks in advance


Here’s my shot at it.





heres mine.:sweat:



Here’s my crack at it =] Aberz that looks fuckin killer!


All three came out great Thank you all guys. I’ll rock all three of them and change them periodically until I get bored, Thank you again guys!


No problem man =]


NP dood, glad you like them.


:rock: rock on.