avatar request

can any1 get me or find me a avatar wth magneto storm sentinal?

i’ll do it, but next time, don’t make two threads about it


srry bout tat the avatar looks awesome thanks man!!!

np. btw: if you do end up making 2 threads, delete one… mods here get picky… :frowning: so i’d go and delete the other one… if a mod has to do the dirty work for you, they get mad… i’ve experienced this first hand…


kool well i deleted it.umm i wondering can u make me a magneto same costume storm same and psylicoke.srry if i mispelled if but i just wanna c how it looks so if u can then thank u.

Nice avatars! :pleased:

since i still have the .psd file, you’re lucky… i’ll do it up in about 5 minutes…