Avatar Request


Hello. I would like a new avatar based off of Megaman and Zero from the Megaman Zero series. First off, I would like to use these three images:


Basically what I’m looking for is Zero on the left, and X on the right. Give them a different color tone so they both blend in well with the respective part of their background. And kinda add a glow to the image. No specific location. Just to make it look alive and badass.

THANK YOU, to anyone who does this.




^^ you shouldn’t do those in public. Look at what happened to Robert Downey Junior.




Savaii is working his shit as always. Good stuff man, thanks.


Hope you don’t mind me using this thread for a request, I didn’t think I should make a new thread for another request.

If posssible would like to ask for an avatar using this pic of Mr Big;

and using this for the background (unless someone knows where to find a pic of the KOF 98 Boss stage, i couldn’t):

Maybe just a basic border around it to cap it off and that would be great. Thanks in advance!




Bloody Brilliant, thanks very much!

EDIT: I credited you in my sig, but it isnt’ showing up when I post. I didn’t see an option to enable/disable them either. Pardon my noobiness :stuck_out_tongue: