Avatar Request

so i posted this in the avatar request thread but then noticed that they wernt taking requests anymore so i deleted it lol…so im just gonna copy/paste what i put in there and hopefully someone can help me out!

(i really like my current av i just need a new char in it so if it could be used as some kind of refrence of the style i like that would be great =D)

Type: a little animation nothing too crazy
Text: fLoE wherever you think it would look good
Source Image: dont have a image but anything with juri (a chibi juri would be great but i dunno if that exists yet? lol) (possibly something with this http://www.fightersgeneration.com/np3/char/char/2/juri-close.png)
Dimensions / File Size: whatever premium is
Request Description: nothing too crazy…(purple theme would be nice i think but i really dont know im not the artist here you guys are lol) i like the little subtle flickers i see in some…pretty much anything looking good with my name and Juri in the pic should be great =)
Specific Contributor(s): all the av’s on here look great so no one in particular thanks! =)


I was bored so I made you one fast during HoN and food.

Christine helped make it LOL.

you can use it as filler or if you want tonight when im not busy maybe ill make a real one :smiley:

sorry to but in

but mno, how do you add that “soft” effect to the picture? could you do it to mine if possible?

Mno is too much of a scrub to do that himself. His woman did it for him.

And I see how it is, Jordan. You can help out Floe but just straight up ignore my avatar request thread… that’s just fucked up bro.

i like it! thanks!