Avatar Requests ($3 PayPal for each completion!)

Personal Contest: My Requests ($3 PayPal for each completion!)

I have some birthday money still saved out, and I seriously have nothing to do with it. I need avatars for SRK. MANY avatars. All I require on them is a Marvel, SNK or Capcom character theme (please, try to check here, and make a character no one else has made. I’ll have a requested character list at the end.), and my name: Uncontested

I have no special requirements except they must be some good avatars, do not post here if you know you’re avatars aren’t some of the best. I have $40 so I’ll take about 13, if I can get that many. And just for the record, yes, 1 person can do me more than 1. Please, if you can, leave an AIM (my SN: Craig the Unleet), Y!, ICQ, or MSN screenname here, so I can contact you about sending you your money. Thanks, now rack up that cash! :stuck_out_tongue:
(Also, thank you very much for making this thread sticky. I truly appreciate it.)

Preferred Character Themes: Juggernaught, Wolverine, Ryu, E. Honda, Blanka, Kyo, Iori, Major Bison, Sagat, Banshee, Cyclops, Geese, Earthquake, Demitri, Dan, Akuma, Balrog, Benimaru, Bishop, Sabretooth, Chun-Li, Cable, Daredevil, Havok
Contributed Character Themes: Rouge, K’, Guile

Draig (2 avatar [Rouge, Kyo] - $0 paid)
Blackadde (1 avatar [K’] - $3 to be paid)
TMT (1 avatar [Guile] - $3 to be paid)

**Money left: **$33

Tigergenocide55 on aim, Ill do em.

I’m in. Very Much. I’d be happy to hook you up. Money isn’t necessary if you get other people.

Araeris on AIM.


Jamming With Cam on AIM

Sure, I’ll give it a go.

mikeisblackadde on AIM.
mateykm@hotmail.com on MSN.

Eh, whatever, I’ll do it. ^_~

AIM: eektertainment

I’m a commercial sell-out anyway.

I blame Blackadde, he made me do it.

soul k thx

I’ll show you some of my work through AIM.

aphynhumation on AIM

in like sin

AIM S/N = AncientJin

Rawr!!! lets make it hap’n cap’n

Good, good. On weekdays, I’m on AIM at around 5PM EST, but on weekends, I’m on pretty much all day. If you need to, you can post your creations here, and we can make stuff happen. :slight_smile: Glad to see this is successful.

lol, I’ll make you an avatar for free… I’d feel bad taking money for an av… you’re better off spending the money donating to SRK by getting a premium membership or something:D

Neways, when you say Demitri, do you you want his DS or SvC version?..

Edit: BTW, how did this get stickied??

something new to the IMM board. The implications seem shady, but hey, have fun.

If I get anything from this it’s going to go to SRK anyways, so eh;

I thought you were giving me the money, Mike.

And in a way I am. Because you post here.

scampers off

Aw, poo poo pants.

innocence shatters, shards fall slowly to the ground

hershey’s syrup.


Fart juice eh?

when OD’d :o