Avatar Requst. =]

simple request. animated avatar of an otter. =D

if you can make it cool. that’d be extra sweet.

why do you create a thread when you already have one open?


this look familiar?

nobody listens to me. :frowning:
i bump like 3 times and still no response, so i figured a new thread would be a charm. heh

nothing personal but you did have a responce. You were not specific at the start. There was no need to create a new thread for the same request. You could have modified the last req. Please do not clutter the forums.

well i did not know what the results would look like. and i was a bit disappointed and the creator too was like =. then i made another request ON THE SAME THREAD, and noone replied so i made a new one. big deal? like you care about the forums. if it will make you happy i’ll delete the other one. so you can chill the fuck out. =]

edit: i deleted other thread. happy?

actually…yes… yes i am happy now. :smiley:

If you did not notice, sho has problems from time to time and shuts down for a few days. Cause they have to delete the threads and useless stuff to make the site run faster and better… so if there arent threads that are dups of themselves, there is not as much call for cleanup.

i didnt like what i did too :smiley:

i did appreciate the effort tho. =]