Avatar Reuest(mvc2)

I was wondering if i can get team pic of: Mag/Storm/Sent All in their purple colors. And if it could say Team Purple Haze, or just Purple Haze. And maybe a cool effect of some shazzle. =]




hey AsianDemon…i like your design.and your avs overall’…but in my opinion…the av looks good…except…i think magneto can be brought out…just a liitle bit more’…don’t you think?..if not…it’s cool…i just thought i’d pitch in my two cents…and let you know…:slight_smile:

yeah i know that magneto looks clear cuz… ummm i dont have his sprite in which he’s wearin purple [or the others 2, but they came out okay] so i had to recolor him myself and i did a quick job and their are little mistakes in him so i cleared him up so no one would notice, anyways i hate team avatar anyways lol


yo yo, thx man these av’s are hot.