Avatar too big

I notice there’s a size cap of 19 kb on an avatar, but unfortunately I already took a shot at making mine and it’s 331 kb (which seems ludicrously big for a 36 frame 160x64 animated GIF to me). Is there a way to like, compress it so it’s more workable?

This is the ava btw

See D W

I’m thinking I could cut out every other frame or something, but then… yeah :wonder:

:rofl: even premium is “only” 48 kb

I’ve made 300 x 120 px animated sigs that were smaller than 300 kb :wgrin:

For starters there is no way in hell* you’re going to fit 36 frames into 19 KB.
You’re going to have to cut frames or *minimize the amount of colours that are used (for something like 36 frames it’s going to be < 16 colours (closer to 4 tbh))
Problem there being that most avatars will only look decent down to 32 colours.

Making animated avatars is all about compromise. You’re always going want to have much more going on in it, than you will manage to cram in.
Pretty much every av I’ve made, the original is twice as long and detailed than the version that I eneded up giving away.

For your av specifically you could easily cut out every second frame and you wouldn’t notice really. First frames to go should be those which are only very small increments in the sprites movement.
Secondly if you really want the movement you could sacrifice the background.
Less varying pixels = smaller file size. Ergo a solid background weighs less than a complex or gradient background.

geez I cut out 25 frames and whittled it down to like, 12 colors and it’s still too big. static avatar it is :sad:

It’s not moving…is it?

If its a still, you can pump that color up [unless your BG is hella crafty then that’ll do ya in…]

Save as will cost you too! PNG=alot. JPEG=Not so bad. GIF=pretty good.

Yeah I went with the still since I ended up compromising the animated GIF down to oblivion. I like JPG because you can control the amount of compression, but noticed PNG does a nice job with minimal amounts of compression.

If anyone can manage to compress my original animated avatar down reasonably (see OP), please let me know :tup:

This one didn’t come out so bad…

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