Avatar upload problem

My 24 avatar looks like shit when I upload it to SRK yet it looks fine when uploaded to photo bucket and when I view it in windows picture viewer. Anyone know what the problem is?

Here is the avatar in question:


Edit: It appears srk hates modes with 16 colors

Not really. You are viewing the transparent gif in front of a white background that hides the garbage.

Why doesn’t it show up on the red background, photobucket, or microsoft image viewer?

It is called aliasing, and because gifs are either transparent, or not transparent. No in-between. All the semi-transparent pixels get turned into that white garbage. You don’t see it on photobucket or image viewer because both of those have a white background, and the white garbage on white background gets hidden. When you add the red, there is no transparency, (and none of your aliased, semi-transparent pixels that get turned into the white garbage) so it looks fine.