Would someone be so helpful to make me an avatar? It needs to be 100 by 100 pixels wide and has to say S.Akuma on it. I have some akuma pics. you could use. Ask me if you would want to edit any of these pics. Thanks in advance!

P.S. Here’s a pic already to go!

You mean like this?

Thanks for your effort, but I made one like that already and wanted to see something new. Sorry about that… See it? O’well thanks for trying though.

Hey care if i try again? post the picture you want me use if it’s okay…

sorry red queen but i couldn’t hold back

here’s one with out text

Hey thanks guys! I needed somethin new. Want to do another one? Just ask… I’ve got plenty pics. of akuma. Like about 30 I think…

I’ll give it a try but i really hate that last picture you posted can you post another one?

Here you go! ( I have more large ones, but they are all too big.)

Here you go…if you don’t like it i’ll make a new one lmk k…

That is sweet. What program r u using?

I used Adobe… if you use it just make sure that you give me credit in your sig k thanks…

DAMN, one of you make me an avatar now, all those avatars were way too good. DAMN they make mine look like crap.

I’ll make you one… what kind do you want?

Apparently you’re not too familiar with sarcasm…

I was applying reverse sarcasm to the situation…

Good cover. Now all you need to do is convince them you’re Jesus.

owned XD