.:Avatars, Hawaiian Style:


Avatars, Hawaiian Style.

  1. No animation. (Sorry)

  2. Any type of requests are taken (i.e. Sprites, Human, etc.) However if its anything other than sprites, it would be helpful to post at least one picture you’d like me to use.

That’s all. Hajime! whoops, that was japanese.


You got some work of your’s that you can show us?..


These are all almost a year old. I’ve improved since then.












Nice work bud,i knew you had skill just so some of these new guys know how your work is,ok i have a request but just to let you know it’s for another site im registerd to,if you can do it then i’ll post up the pics, let me know.




Take that image, and use it in an av. Clean the image up if you could (make it brighter and what not) and above all MAKE SURE IT IS AS CUTE AS FUCKING POSSIBLE. Or else.

You can do whatever you want for my name. MC, Chibi, Master Chibi, whatever.

Rock it.



That’s cool. Just lemme know your request.

It would be my honor, Mister Chibi. :smiley:


Ok cool man…here’s the pic and the size of the avatar is 160x60,and could you put in Autobots somwhere in there?..thank’s.



Oh no no, it’s my honor to request from you.

I’m trying to amass a little collection of avatars, at least one from most every tagger / artists here that I admire / respect.

I was just waiting for you to return.



When’s my turn coming?



Believe it or not, I do have a list, but you’ve been quite buzy with your thread so I haven’t requested from you because of it. The two week wait factors in as well.



hahah yeah,well guess what i got zero right now,but im sure i’ll get some more soon.


Dude, that picture is already FUCKING CUTE, I don’t think he can make it not cute.


@ Tonbee:

Ah, sorry. I haven’t been keeping up I guess.


@ Tiger:

Well I know the guy won’t make it less cuter, but he has the power to make it even more cuter.

Like the Selphie avatar you made me, that was insanely adorable.



Wow, interesting idea collecting work from taggers. Glad you like my work :D. Anyway, to distinguish my work from the others, what I did was add a Hibiscus in her ear, something that girls here in Hawaii do. Hope you like it!


Yours is coming up man.




Ok cool man,hey MC i had that idea also you know to get one from like all the taggers around but i guess some of them ain’t around no-more.



Ahh. Doomo! Ureshii. :slight_smile:

I just had the privelage of housing two Japanese teens from Japan on their trip here with their Marching Band. That was definetly an experience I’ll never forget.


Yeah?..cool man,they play music.


I love it. Thanks!

In fact, can I get that flower on its own? I’m going to vector her later this week, and that flower would be an excellent touch.