Avatars: taking a couple requests


only one stock(picture/sprite) allowed in every av. its hard working a design into multiple stocks.

nothing crazy please.



















urien’s piss:





I want something crazy…crazier than what I have right now…maximum craziness i say.

I’m kidding. LOL


Make me something that will complement my user title.

User title being “_______________________” of course.

i see :frowning:

No one replied in my av request thread, so hope you don’t mind if I post it here.

I’d like an AV of Necro and Ken (from 3S of course). I’d like them in the middle, back to back, both doing their thumbs down poses. Necro’s colour = LK (light blue) and Ken’s colour = LK (purple).

Throw in BananaWeed in there somewhere, with a nice background. Thanks. =D

lol yo seth think you can make me a team av? Since tets aint takin anymo request?

If you havent gotten too many requests, i’ll post mine. I’m thinkin about a team av with Iori, Ryu, and Kyo (in order from right to left), each doing their taunt. Along the bottom I would like a C-groove bar, and for the background I dont really care. My skills with photoshop are weak so anything would be great.

Thank you in advance.

EDIT: after I posted, I kinda thought about how annoying making a team avatar would be, so no worries if you dont want to.

i hate team av’s, i never siad i wouldnt take it monkeyspank but id rather seth do it for ya :tup:

heh ya i hate em too thats why im requestin if others can do it.

Long time no see, Seth. I see your still in the av-making biz :china:
I’m thinking of something cool- It will probably be a team av, but i’ll give u some decent sprites so u got good some stuff to work with.

Hi seth, sorry to bother you with a request, i hope mine is simple.

Can you make me one with a Pink Bridget from GGXX on it (any pose, doesn’t matter)? You can put XCTU on there if you want to. If you can’t find a pink Bridget, then use normal Buri. Aside from that, use your best judgment. Thanks in advance, if you can’t do it, thats ok, too…

i’ll try to get the easiest ones done tonight.

easiest first guys:

thanks much. I love it. :slight_smile:

Seth, if I may make a request:

Any 2 of the following characters (in any of their win poses) on some sort of dark background with my name somewhere in the av, I trust your judgement.


Thank you in advance if you get around to doing it, if not, no biggie.

i edit the first post.

Fair enough. How about something using the following?

seth:can u make me an av with eddie sol and faust unless if ill take time then can u just make me a sol av


mr hort - my i suggest a more cleaner, less jaggy sprite of gulie.

Seth: if your still taking a request, i’ll change my request. I would like an avatar with a vice and mature picture. I will post the link for it at the bottom of the post.

As far as a background…well I lack the artistic skill to really give you a decent direction on it. All I can really think of is incorporating red with a little bit of silver into it (off colors but their my two favorites) and to put my name somewhere on it (GHST for short if it’s too long). You seem to have done really awesome stuff without much direction from the requester so I wont cramp your style too much.


It’s only one picture, but if it’s still too annoying to work with, I can find something else. Thank you in advance.

EDIT: http://section5618.topcities.com/src/sprites/ralfsalute.gif

that’s the other picture, if the vice and mature one doesnt meet the one sprite/picture qualifications.